About Mad over social

Mad Over Social is an end-to-end creative, technologically brilliant digital marketing agency adding value to a brand’s online performance by weaving beautiful digital stories. We listen, understand your craft and blend in our madness factor to come out with impactful ideas that drive you towards desired success.

Our Drive into #TheMadLane

Growing digitally nutty since 2000.



Our Journey into digital space has been insanely phenomenal. We have worked extensively for giants from hospitality sector to brands from beauty and education field.



With an expansive experience in web solutions, digital marketing, hospitality consulting, and hospitality technology solutions has always been our core by default.


#Future Plans

The ride so far has made us grow more hungry and mad for doing kickass work.

Our crazy clan

We are a team with big dreams and crazy brains who live by the idea of being social and creative, be it at work or life in general. There are some common traits (food being the biggest one!) that bind us together, keep us going and motivate us to come out with awesomeness.

We have many reasons to proudly boast about our biggest asset – our MAD team.

Boss Zone


The Boss Zone

Leaders…. Rule-benders …. Risk takers.

They are the heart & soul of the entire institution.

Approachable, competitive, inspiring, workaholics…trust us they have got all the traits of a perfect BOSS.

Jokes apart, they are simply a class apart!

web designers

Creative Junkies

The Designers

They know how to amazingly put forth an imagination into reality.

Creative by choice, passion and style; there is always something extraordinary about them.

They are dreamers.

content writers in Dubai

Copy Freaks

Copy Writers

Deep thinkers, grammar lovers, story tellers…. and the list goes on!

Not everyone can write a provoking, convincing and interactive copy and that’s exactly why we love them. Every word of their copy counts!

SEO Team in Dubai

Keyword Crunchers

SEO Team

Have you heard this quote somewhere?

"Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills". - Tom Pick

Busy with the keyword gamble, ranking algorithms and number crunching, these rock stars leave no stone unturned to bring you high, high and higher in the ranking game. Mind you, it’s not an easy job!

Social Media Team in Dubai

Social Breathers

Social Media Team

Their world revolves around hashtags. Well, no kidding!

A bunch of creative thinkers who build, breathe, sleep and eat ideas. Passionate about brands, conversations, design, analytics, content, research, and whatever one can think around the topic -social. They have a say for everything!

web developers in Dubai

Techie Champs

Technical Team

The much-needed strong backbone of our entire system!

You love them or hate them, they don’t really care. Totally irreplaceable and apparently, they know it.

Business Developers in Dubai

The Business Bringer

BD & Sales

So basically, whatever we all are working on currently exists because of the hard work done by these guys, who know their business well but are deeply obsessed with their smartness! Oops! Somebody gonna get hurt real bad!



Finance & HR Team

Control freaks and huge follower of rules. They track the money flow, talent flow, appraisals, bills and all the issues that keep coming in between. Be aware! They know what’s creeping in your mind before you do!


The Energizer

The Chai Wala

The man we all wait for!

The man who walks in with that sweet aroma when we are almost ready to give up to the work.

Our Chai (tea) wala. We are chai lovers and need the dose from time to time as it boosts our energy level and helps us think good ideas.

Enough! I want a tea break now!